UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Designers at zebracross take immense care to optimize the User Experience of your website or mobile application to utmost perfection.

Our Design Psychology

1. Color

The designers at zebracross understands the vocabulary and psychology of colors.

2. Balance

We pay a lot of attention to the symmetry and assymetry of our designs.

3. Contrast

We use contrast to build a heirarchy and create focus.

4. Typography

We choose the the right typography for your designs thats both readable and complements the personality of the design.

5. Minimalism

When it comes to UI/UX we follow the golden mantra, "Less is More".

5. Consistency

The most important principle of UI/UX.

The Process

After multiple sessions of discussions our team of designers derive a personality for your sortware or web app.

Three seperate layouts are designed for your approval in Adobe Sketch or illustrator.

Upon approval further changes are made if required and the designs are transfered to our developers for conversion.

Weekly reviews are conducted to fine tune the User Experience of the product.

Under the hood

Some of the tools and frameworks we use in UI/UX designing.