Some Timeline Examples


Walk in to our office anytime or schedule a call over Hangouts or Skype. Let's spend some time together and discuss your ideas over a cup of Coffee.


Once we have a clear understanding of your vision and perspective, a team meeting is conducted and a project plan, that's best suited for your business and requirements is formulated. Project is divided in to modules and each modules are internally sub-divided in to micro managable tasks and UX/UX prototyping is carried out.


Micro processes are prioritized and orgnanized into weekly sprints with daily milesstones and assigned to the team.


Each tasks in the daily milestones are executed one by one with rigor and intensity.


We track each of our projects both visually and electronically. Sticky notes are moved around KanBan boards or rather "The KanBan Wall" as we call it to visually track processes and milestones of the project. Also, Slack is our go to app when it comes to tracking our projects electronically.


Upon successful completion of a sprint, it is thoroughly reviewd and tested. Backlogs and outstanding tasks are reorganized and priorities are reset.


A sprint report and project status report is emailed to you for acceptence, with details of each modules completed and outstanding tasks with an insight in to the next sprint.


The above process is itrated several times and finished project is delivered to the client along with a detailed project report and documentation.