Meteor Js is an open-source, cross-platform javascript web framework built using Node.js. Meteor is specially designed for rapid prototying thanks to its incredibly fast development times. It also producess cross-platform codes that work fluidly on web, android and iOS devices.

Meteor Js is a full-stack application development platform with javascript being both the front-end and backend development technology and comes integrates with mongoDB. Meteor utilizes DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) to set up a publish-subscribe pattern to automatically propogate changes to the database back to the front-end.

Being one of the early adaptors of Meteor Js, we got our fair share of frowns and eyebrows. Questions never stopped. This feels too much magic..! Is this real? Will this scale? Is this stable? As a young start up and particularly keen on maintaing a lean stature. we decided to go all in and made Meteor js as one of our primary development stack soon after the the first stable version was released. And today we are in love with it. Our clients love it. Everybody loves it.

Meteor utilizes DDP protocol and sets up a publish-subscribe model to add a ton of real-time capabilities to the apps built with it. Any changes made to the database are immediatly propogated back to the UI there by updating the user end instantly and that too with out page reloads of any kind. This makes web apps built using Meteor js incredibly snappy with a never before seen perfomance.

And the fun doesn't end there. Meteor apps supports cordova and can be bundled in to cross-platform hybrid mobile applications for your android and iOS devices. Also, the progressive aspects of the framework adds to it's appeal and ability to swap out blaze, its default UI engine with React makes Meteor one our our go-to stack when it comes to rapid development and MVPs.